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the Junction Recording Studio, through years in the Nashville recording industry, is vastly becoming the launching point for new and undiscovered artist's careers. Some of these artists are brand new to the recording industry and after being promised the moon and listened to double talk are learning some truth and gaining an edge. Honest answers and quality recordings ready for radio at an affordable price. Remeber no one can promise or guarantee you anything in this business. We strive to help those starting out or haven't found a reliable source for their music to gain the exposure they need to get noticed or commercial product that will compete with those in the same market. Logo design, marketing their music, gaining bookings, writing bios, publicity photos, digital press kits, graphic design, and songwriting advice is all a part of our recording package. Check out some of our work below and listen to samples on the web site links.

LATEST PROJECT: Currently in the process of remastering and editing some of Kitty Wells and Johnnie Wright's music and TV shows. We have some completed which include some previously unreleased songs and are available at KittyWells.com . We are also putting together a DVD collection of the Kitty Wells and Johnny Wright Family TV show that was aired in the 60's. Filmed at the WSM television studio in Nashville,TN. What a thrill to listen to some of the recordings that haven't even been released to the public.

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Happy Goat Band PicThird generation Hillbilly Royalty and founder of Nashville alternative rock band Uncle Slim, Johnny Hammer has teamed up with Happy and Goat formerly members of Mississippi southern rock band Southern Bred. “I’m the Man And You Aint” was the first song recorded in Nashville, TN at the Junction Recording Studio. Inspired by writing sessions, the three have formed the Happy Goat Band and their first project entitled "HAMMERBILLY". It's countryfide raw rootsy southern alternative rock blend of rhythm and melodies, steeped in the traditions of country, folk, and neo-hillbilly lyrics. The result is 100 proof goat buttin', mule kickin', happy gettin' renditions that will crank your mind. HAPPYGOATBAND.COM

MUSIC VIDEO: Check out Happy Goat's video of These Chains (Jacob's Lament) produced at the Junction Recording facillities in Madison, TN


Happy Goat Band Hammerbilly CD
Steve Brooks and Ron Hutton
Ron Hutton and Steve Brooks just got out of the studio cutting trax for their new project. Both are talented songwriters and have a passion about their music that each song has to mean something not only to them personally but to their audience as well. Steve's powerful voice and soul filled delivery makes it a pleasure to record. Their stage show transcends your ordinary Country band as well as their music.
Tyler Shayne
Tyler Shayne may be young but if you like real Country Music and tired of not hearing what you know Country Music truly is, there is hope! Tyler sings and writes well beyond his years. Yes he writes and sounds like Country Music back in the early 50's and his proud of it. We are proud to have him on our studio and look for him to keep Country Music alive. Tyler is working on his debut CD and people ask what is taking so long, well problem is he keeps writing better songs. You can check Tyler's music out at TylerTown.us .
Junkyard Road
Junkyard Road is a hard rockin' metal band with jazz and country influenes and if that wasn't enough they have a tuba in the band as well. Lead guitarist and founder Ryan Clackner has developed a unique style not only in the music for the band but his on brand of smokin' hot lead and rhythm. The band is currently in the studio finishing up their debut CD. This is shaping up to be a truly unique project with quite possibly some of most twisted rock music you have ever heard. They have signed with Junction Entertainment for management.
Beverly Rogen
Beverly Rogan stopped by the Junction Recording Studio to help develop her career. Beverly's voice and song writing ablillities landed her a management contract and signed to Sturdy Music publishing. The Junction team is currently wrapping up a four song master and designing a web site for Beverly to market her and her music. Beverly's clever lyrics and enchanting voice are sure to make a splash in the Pop market.
Austin Hicks
Austin came back to the studio and finished up his Four song master session and turned it into his debut CD. Austin released his first single "FIRE DANCER" and gained immediate radio attention with major rotation in major markets. Austin's high energy stage show and CD is gaining the attention of industry executives. Check out Austin at AustinHicks.net . You can listen to samples, buy merchandise, or book him for events.
Chris Golden Christmas

It is the Christmas season and Ladies and Gentlemen this seems like a selfless plug to buy a stocking stuffer or the better than Robert Goulet Christmas album but here is the truth. It was an honor to work with my friend Chris Golden in the studio. I have admired him for years and he never ceases to amaze me. He brought in some wonderful talent on this project to accompany him. You know Chris from the Goldens and might have seen or catch him on the road playing drums with the Oak Ridge Boys. Chris plays acoustic guitar, keyboards, mandolin, percussion, and drums and sings some of your favorite Christmas songs with special blend of Mountain, Bluegrass, Country, Gospel, Rockin' style. He has included some special guests as well on this one. I truly believe it is one of those Christmas albums that you will listen to year after year and make it a tradition just like your Mom and Dad did with Johnny Mathis or Kitty Wells. You can buy the CD on his web site. ChrisGolden.net You can also listen to some samples on his myspace page. Songs include: Deck the Halls, Winter Wonderland, Christmas Again, Away In The Manger, Joy to the World, Silent Night, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Beautiful Star of Bethleham, Little Drummer Boy, Go Tell It On The Mountain, Auld Lang Syne. Chris Golden / Merry Christmas / 24K Records
Proud to say recorded, mixed, and mastered here at the Junction.

Seven Foot Jesus



November brought in one of the bands that took advantage of one of our fall recording session specials. These guys were ready to rock as soon as they hit the door. They wasted no time laying down four hard driving tracks. Seven Foot Jesus is a band you should definitely check out when they come to your city. Everyone in the band is talented and bring their own unique rock style to the table. Check them out http://www.myspace.com/sevenfootjesus

Tell them the Junction sez Howdy...



Austin Hicks




Austin Hicks came in for some Music Business Consulting. He wanted an opportunity to speak with some one and get some honest answers for his career in the music business. We discussed his possibilities, established some goals, and things to work for his future. He has great talent and support of a loving family. It was pleasure meeting Austin and his family and hope to see them back at the Junction soon.


Austin Wrote:

Hey John this is Austin Hicks. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for meeting with me last Friday. The advice you gave me I could not have gotten anywhere else. I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to see us. I hope to remain in touch with you and hope to schedule a time to come down and record soon. You have a great place there a the Junction . I have thought a lot about what you said and I have made the defining switch in my mind, practice habits, outlook, and my determination. I am ready to take music to the next level. We talked about austinhicks.net and it is now purchased as well. Its been a great experience talking with you and getting your input. I hope to stay in contact with you and let you know anything and everything that happens. I hope to hear from you soon as well.

Stop by Austin's myspace page and say HOWDY



Scarlett May Blossom

Description: This is Book One in a series of hilarious “Bad Girl” adventures about Scarlett May Blossom, a naive, sexy and sweet 18-year old from the Outside Inn Trailer Park in Honeysuckle Grove, Alabama. Scarlett’s good looks attract every man she meets, from the local pizza delivery boy to FBI and CIA agents, and that leads her to see “lotsa ceilin’s,” as she says. Unfortunately, Scarlett still lives with her Mama, who believes her daughter is going straight to hell. Visit www.scarlettmayblossom.com to hear the "Scarlett May Blossom" song and sound clip excerpts from the book. Not since Terry Southern’s CANDY and Hunter S. Thompson’s FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS has there been such side-splitting satire. With illustrations and a Foreword by Hollywood Producer / Director Paul Davids that bring all the zany characters to life, SCARLETT MAY BLOSSOM’S DIARY hits a bull’s eye in every chapter.




Through our friend Eddie Pleasant, Martin Metzger brought his brother Russell "Doc" ( who is a talented artist as well as musician ), and Hollywood producer Paul Davids into the studio to work on some music for their Scarlett May Blossom project. Martin and Doc were given the task to write and score some music for this animated feature that they are working on with Paul. What a privilege it was to be a part of this process. Paul Davids is a writer of films and novels, especially about science fiction. Often collaborating with his wife, Hollace, Davids has written and directed the films Starry Night, Roswell a documentary about the Roswell UFO incident and Timothy Leary's Dead. He also written episodes for the television series Transformers as well as a spin-off Star Wars series with his wife informally known as the Jedi Prince series.

He also directed, in 2005, a documentary called The Sci-Fi Boys, featuring interviews with Forry Ackerman, Ray Bradbury, Ray Harryhausen, and many more sci-fi notables.



The SCARLETT MAY BLOSSOM CD with your final mix arrived today and I listened to it with pleasure. You did a terrific job! And the honky tonk piano added just the right touch at the right moments. You worked hard with great skill and it shows! I hope we'll work together again. I would love to come back to Junction Studio with a new batch of music! I'm sure Russell and Martin will be ready! I am grateful to them for introducing me to you. All my best wishes and thanks, Paul Davids President, Yellow Hat Productions, Inc.

We at the Junction encourage you to check out Doc's art work, music, and his exquisite and unique flooring technique that he does. It is truly unbelievable. We also want to thank him for the painting he sent us entitled New Mexico Sunrise, we display it with honor.



Judge Parker



Our old friends Judge Parker came back in the studio for work on their Third Project. Arthur and Larry Peason just celebrated Twenty years in the Rock n Roll business and we congratulate them on their success. Chris Golden was producing the guys again along with Junior behind the console. They have changed the line up a little but the heart and soul of the band hasn't changed. If you get a chance to see these guys you won't want to miss the Southern Rock legends.

Larry Pearson, Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar;
Arthur Pearson, Lead Guitar;
Victor Lukenbaugh, Drums;
Steve Dufresne, Bass;
Lloyd Price, Lead Guitar

Smooth Woody Band




From Fort Smith, AR the Smooth Woody Band came to town. James and Rod bring their own blend of Rock and Roll. Rod maybe around the 60 mark but don't let that fool you, his vocals and guitar talents rock with the best of him. He must be one of the lost Stones. His collaborations with James are some of the best new blend of rock this studio has heard in a while. Their album no splinters offers up a variety of rock that is sure to please everyone. I recommend this CD for any one who listens to today's rock music and says "What the heck is this? What happen to rock and roll music?" We sure are glad that we crossed paths with Rod and James and wish them a very special "ROCK ON" and happy journey down their musical trail...






Jon found us online and through correspondence decided to come in for some recording. Jon had recorded years ago in New York and wanted to come to Nashville and get that Nashville sound. You might recognize his name, he has penned countless album liner notes and is quite the country music historian. It was a pleasure to have him record with us. We also transferred one of his 1/4 inch masters to a CD for him. We digitally remastered it and brought it back to life. Jon wrote:


Many thanks for your message. The material we did last month turned out just great, and I am already looking forward to our next opportunity to work together. It was easy to do what we set out to do, thanks to your expertise, and everything came out fine, despite my throat problems.

It was also amazing that the 1978 master tapes copied perfectly. After not having recorded in many years, I have regained my enthusiasm for it. Now...if only I had an audience!!

I hope all is well with you and yours. Thank you, again, for all your great work in making our session so pleasant. I hope we can do many other projects in the future.




A lot of times in the industry you will hear the words he is "REAL DEAL" or "HE'S THE BEST I'VE HEARD IN A WHILE"or " HE IS UNBELIEVABLE" but with Doug Davidson aka Doug Hollister this is the total truth. His talents on guitars, keyboards, vocals, and showmanship are sure to make Doug a house hold name. I know that is something to say but we here at the Junction have had a lot of great talent pass through the studio and Doug is one of the best talents to pass through the doors in as many years. I have shared the stage with some of the best entertainers in the world and I am very honored to be working on Doug's current release for Junction Records. In this day and age of vocal tuning and Pro Tool mixing that hides all the errors, there is no man behind the curtain, Doug is a humble talent that can sing without any disguised, live or studio. He is a true performer and every ounce of the music that pours out from him comes from the soul.



Kevin Crawford


7/25/2007 - Junction Recording Studio just finished up working on Kevin Crawford's CD for B&B Records. His single Shazam is hitting the air waves now! We mastered the project and designed the CD for Kevin and sent it off for duplication. We appreciate George and all the staff at B&B Records for working with us and look forward to working on future projects. Good Luck on your debut CD!







J D Edge
J D Edge is becoming his own in the Country Music world. J D is not only a talented fiddle player but is a very accomplished vocalist. He has his own unique style of delivering a song but still tugs at the soul the way the old Country singers do. J D is currently working with Junction under its Artist Development program. We are finishing four songs to help gain bookings and picking songs to finish up his album. Currently recorded songs by John Sturdivant Jr., Tommy Polk, and Brad Davis ( just produced and co-wrote Billy Bob Thorton's new album ), David Warren Reed, Keith Stegall and Charlie Craig, and a self penned song.
Jason Hoffman


Junction Recording Studio is proud that Jason Hoffman chose us to help out in putting his E P K ( Electronic Press Kit ) together. Jason is an up and coming Nashville recording artist that is sure to be on the scene in a big way. Currently in the studio finishing up his debut CD. We took his song samples and mastered them for the web as well as put together an electronic press kit. Jason's band …”Hoffman” has opened for the likes of Tanya Tucker, Black Hawk, Ricochet, Shenandoah, and Marty Raybon , just to name a few. You may catch a performance of his band “Hoffman” at familiar Nashville, TN honky tonks such as Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, The Wheel, The Wild Horse, Cadillac Ranch and Fuel 2nd ave and is frequently a featured artist on Billy Block’s Western Beat.

Samantha Lynn Hart made her way in the studio and recorded a three song demo which eventually led to her getting signed to a Booking Agency and is getting rave reviews on her songs. She has gotten several bookings already for fairs, festivals, and casinos. Sam is own her way back to Nashville to finish up her album that is already in demand from her fans who have gotten just a sample of her music thus far. UPDATE 6.24/08 Sam's released Hart to Heart on Timbers Records. You can hear samples or buy the CD on her website. CD design and Mastered audio with ISRC codes and bar code. Sam has also has signed with Sturdy Music publishing company.
Ghost's I've Met


1-8-07: Our catfishin' buddy Sam Watts, brought his band Ghosts I've Met from Seattle, WA for their second trip in the studio. Band members include Ben Blankenship, Brent Arnold, Margaret White and Joe Seely. What pleasure to work with such talented professional musicians! Their music is very unique and has a distinct sound. Combining guitars, keyboards, and drums with a cello and violin, embellished by the awesome power of the steel guitar played by Nashville hired gun and my hero Steve Hinson, the haunting tunes hang over you like the morning dew in your most peaceful dream. Check out samples of their music on their myspace page through the link above.


J Keith Vincent - Gospel Music Artist


Gospel Artist J Keith Vincent has recently been in the studio working on bonus tracks for his new CD "Proclamation of Praise" due out in February 07. This is our second project that we have worked with Keith on in the studio. Our first was a remixing and adding songs to his CD "No Longer The Same" ( revised version). He is not only talented but committed to spreading his message through his musical ministry.




the Junction Recording Studio has been a proud part in the development and production of the Multi Media presentations for Pinnacle Financial Partners Anniversary parties for the last two years. Their 6th anniversary party was held at the Musicians Hall of Fame in down town Nashville. Our sister company Junction Entertainment produced the show.

Diane came up from Florida to cut her album here at the studio. Her unstoppable determination for success led to her making Nashville her home. Her self titled debut CD is turning some ears her way. She is currently performing to promote her CD released by Dime Museum Records. You can check out more about Diane, touring schedule, order or listen to samples of her music at her web site: DianeUythoven.com
Rachel Raye finished her album and launched her web site: RachelRaye.com . Listen to samples of her music and buy merchandise. She currently has a single climbing the independent country charts.

One of the hardest working bands I have yet to work with and admire for their devotion in music is Straight Dope Cherry. Three of the four virtuosos from New Jersey have performed at Carnegie Hall. Their music is hard to label but easy to get caught up in catchy funky rhythms intertwined with lyrics that actually evoke emotion. You will be hearing a lot about these guys soon!

Currently touring the U S promoting the album and gaining fans every where they play. Straight Dope Cherry with John Sturdivant Jr at Junction Recordio Studio

Nora Lee's "God and Country" CD is a collection of ,as you would expect from the title, Gospel and Country songs. Nora drove up from Florida to record her project. She has been getting air play from her song " I Want To Go To Heaven" in the gospel market. She has also been making television appearances using the tracks from the CD to sing to live during the broadcast.
T J NELSON came out of the shoot a bunking' and already has airplay all over the world, is played on XM radio, and moving up the charts world wide. His video for "My Old Flame" penned by Nashville song writer Tommy Barnes is currently on Yall Wire - www.yallwire.com/player/tjnelsonmyoldflame.html .We are proud of the response T J has been getting thus far and wish him all the best of luck for the future. You can listen to samples or download his CD at http://www.tjnelson.net


Junction Entertainment



Produced by Kjell H Bjornestad and Cvan Avian.

All the tracks for the project were recorded in Budapest, Hungary. Two track mixes of the ruff tracks were sent to us here at the Junction and converted into our ProTools system. We then recorded all the back ground vocals and embellished some instruments and sent individual files back to Budapest where they were added to the instrument tracks and mixed.

John Sturdivant Jr., President and founder of Junction Entertainment and Junction Recording Studio, has provided GOLDEN VOICE with insurmountable professionalism and personal care that one will rarely find in a recording facility. The Junction Recording Studio is ABOVE and BEYOND one of the FINEST state-of-the-art recording facilities in the world! If you want the BEST production for any field of music, come to the place that helped make GOLDEN VOICE famous...JUNCTION!
Thank you John!
Sincerely, Kjell Bjornstad, President and Cvan Avian, Vice President GOLDENVOICE

GOLDEN VOICE is proud to present the most authentic
re-production of "Aloha From Hawaii, via Satellite" EVER produced!"


"These tracks are the best tool I ever had! I know that I always will be way ahead of my competitors and it surprised me a lot that all 28 tracks were of the best quality I ever heard! When I normally buy an album of tracks, I can only use three or four of them. On this album I can use every single track! I`m impressed by Golden Voice production!" Robert Thuv, Norway


butch leman I've got Butch's demo on the walkman and I just can't stop listening to it..........I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to let you know how much this trip meant to us. It has been more than Butch had hoped for. He feels honored to have connected with such good people and incredible musicians. Every day that he called me he was even more excited! I've always had faith in his gift and this demo confirms my belief in him. We met when we were 21 and here we are at 50. He has just realized a dream and it is all thanks to you folks at Junction. I'm just blown away at the quality of the arrangements of his songs and I'm excited beyond measure. I know that Butch has a huge following of music lovers all over Alaska and they are going to be thrilled to hear these songs! Thank you for your part in bringing Butch to this place. Thank you, thank you, all of you at the Junction. Butch felt at home with you and he can't wait to come back.
God's blessings, Terri Leman

Since coming to the Junction Butch's first recordings are on the airwaves in Alaska. The radio stations are playing Butch's song, "I Was Tempted". If you are from Alaska we urge you to call your local radio station and request Butch's song. Congratulations Butch and we can't wait to see you again !



mp3 jam at junction recording studio nashvilleDear JR, I cannot in words truly express how fantastic you and Junction Studio treated the whole Blues Gang. Everyone was made to feel relaxed and due to that our sessions were possibly the best any of us have ever done. Skip became one of the gang as you knew he would. We drove him nuts...and he endured and pulled off the impossible. This was a first for digital recording and on-line independents. You and we have blazed an all new trail and avenue for independent artists. By joining us in this venture you and Junction Studio will now have experience to offer to other artists who want to do much the same as we did.

When I returned home I loaded the WAV tracks into Acid and did sync up the mix with no problem at all. The WAV files themselves are very good and Skip got exactly what we wanted.

And lastly, we will be doing this on a yearly basis. And there is no reason at all that it should be done anywhere else. Junction knows us, and what we are about. So, if that's ok with you please let me know and we'll all get started well ahead on getting those interested in signing up early and even we will have a better idea of how to prepare and do and even better job on next years "Blues Allstars" session.

Best Regards, John Cohmer

To listen to samples or buy the CD click on the link below
>>>>>>>>> Blues Allstars MP3 Jam <<<<<<<<<<



"I would like to thank the Junction Recording Studio for giving me the opportunity to record my CD.
The experience was one I will never forget. I learned more in one day than I ever thought possible. The relaxed atmosphere and friendly surroundings allowed me to concentrate on my singing and forget about
being nervous. I appreciate the patience and one on one attention I received from John. I'd also like to
thank the studio band and background vocalist, you all were awesome. I am looking forward to taking the advice received while at the studio and putting it all to good use. I hope to return to your studio to record more songs and bring with me the results of what I consider to be a great learning experience.

Again, thanks to all who were involved in making my trip to Nashville one that I will never forget!"

Nicole Wilson


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